Where ever you find your self living there will always the reasons you love to be there…and the reasons you find it more than frustrating.

Here’s what I enjoy in Kenya.

WILDLIFE – No matter where you, wildlife abounds in Kenya. Because seeing zebra on the side of the road…is well…normal

SUNSHINE – Need I say anything more. I said to my mum I wanted to go to the centre of the world for…sun. From 7am till 5.30pm we have glorious sun.

FRUIT – Mangoes, Avacardo, Bananas, Passion fruit, Pineapple, coconut – all fresh, all sweet and all cheap!

MACADAMIA NUTS – You can buy these golden nuts in big packs for a bout $3 – Nothing more to say about that!

PEOPLE – Animated, fun, happy, passionate, friendly, welcoming.

LANDSCAPES – Kenya is a land of true natural beauty. Volcanoes, ,mountains, lakes, rivers, trees, white sand coast and national parks,

CHILDREN – They are crazy, fun, loving and like little actors on a stage. Always asking for something or asking “How are You”

MATATUS – Are they are good thing or not?…well I guess they are in some strange way…as they can take you anywhere you want to go in the country at…almost…anytime.

SODA BOTTLES – There is no plastic soda bottle here. They recycle all their soda bottles…so its glass all the way

MAMAS – The most hardworking people I have ever meet and they wear the brightest clothes in the world.

LOCAL – Everything is made here…